D/O. M.Mujeeb Ahmed

D.o.b : 6th January


  • 10th                           Vana Vani Mat.Hr.Sec School 2009
  • 12th                           Eve Mat.Hr.Sec School 2011
  • B.Sc. ISM                 JBAS college for women 2014

Currently pursuing M.Sc. Library and Information Science at the University of Madras

Technical Qualification:-

Programming languages: HTML, C, C++ Java, Visual Basic

Software: KOHA


Typewriting -lower with distinction.

Project Work, Papers on

Crime management systems (using visual basic)

Digital Marketing (at Cavin Kare)

Languages known:-

  1. Tamil
  2. Hindi
  3. English
  4. Urdu


Sport, music, movies, gardening, animal rights.


Hard working, blunt, helpful, resilient, determined, dedicated, loyal, responsible, dependable.


Short tempered, brutally honest.


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