How to Write In Shorthand?


How to Write In Shorthand – Today Career in Shorthand is progressing “By leaps and bounds”. Shorthand is necessary to write Dictations in offices, Speech of politicians, to make short notes for help in examination or to learn long paragraph and essays.
Shorthand means to write in a short with high speed. Once you learn the shorthand skills, Lots of courier options open the door of progress in your life. So we are providing you some prominent tips to write in Shorthand in a neat and fast way.

  1. Firstly use Plain paper and pen to make short notes.
  2. You need to develop shortcuts for mostly used words as given below.
  3. Don’t feel stress and nervousness while you are writing in Shorthand. It will affect your speed.
  4. Write accurately as well as you can read it later.
  5. You need to increase your vocabulary. With good vocabulary your speed will increase as well.
  6. While writing press down very lightly with the penso that you can write without strain in your hand.
  7. Make practice to translate the newspaper or Magazines articles in shorthand as quickly as possible.
  8. Keep positive attitude with the belief that you are doing better and better.
Sample Shortcuts
@ at, about, around
no. number, amount
+ bigger, greater, increasing
? who, what, where, why, where
! surprise, shock
121 One to one
bc because
rts results
2G2B4G Too Good To Be Forgotten
4ever Forever
511 Too much information

Shorthand is highly required for journalist, reporters, and editors in news channels, Magazines and Radio stations. In fact while sending text messages, we also use shortcuts.

Shorthand is also beneficial for Authors and researchers as well as for Students to make notes for exam purpose. It is a speed writing system so requires continues practice. So do practice and make your career bright with Shorthand writing.


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